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RSI Screening provides pre employment screening services.

Pre Employment Screening Services

This year, companies in the United States will lose between $20 and $40 billion at the hand of their own employees

No company can afford to hire without conducting pre-employment screening. Failing to instigate this preventative measure, has been cited as the leading cause of the dramatic rise in employee theft and embezzlement.

Recent studies provide sobering statistics. According to a report released by US Chamber of Commerce, three out of four employees will be stealing from their employer this year. It is due to this theft, that 33% of all business bankruptcies are declared.

So why take a chance? For just a few dollars, you can be certain that your candidates for employment do not present a risk to your company. Employment screening services with RSI provide comprehensive background checks that take the gamble out of hiring good employees.

Comprehensive employment screening Reports
•Credit Reports
•Criminal History
•I-9 Verification
•Driving Records
•Employment and Credential Verification
•Sex Offender Checks
•Workers Compensation Filings
•Custom Report Options Available

What is the advantage to you? In addition to preventing the financial loss of internal theft, employment screening reduces your liability concerns as well.

At RSI Screening we know that nearly every state has a negligent hiring statute. These statues establish that an employer is responsible for checking the background of a job applicant and can be held financially and criminally liable for the actions of any employee.

When you use RSI you’ll have assurance that you are hiring safe, competent, honest employees. You’ll also reduce training costs, limit your liability, increase productivity and optimize profitability. In short, RSI Screening is your best insurance policy and critical to your company’s success.